About Harvest Moon Music
Harvest Moon Music was launched in 2002 with the intent to spread the word about established and up-and-coming Doom and Gothic metal/rock bands through informative album reviews and musician interviews. Please, if you don't consider your band's musical style to be primarily either Doom- or Gothic-oriented, contact me via email (tattooz@harvestmoonmusic.com) before sending your submission.

Bands, labels, publicists, etc. - want to get your music reviewed by Harvest Moon Music? Feel free to snail mail a CD and press kit to:

Harvest Moon Music
PO Box 948
Georgetown, KY  40324

Digital submissions are accepted, but physical CDs will always have priority.

To contact Harvest Moon Music regarding news items, interview opportunities, or any other requests/feedback please email tattooz@harvestmoonmusic.com.

About Dave
The founder and primary reviewer/interviewer of Harvest Moon Music, I have been writing about music for over a decade and listening to all forms of metal and rock since the dawn of the '80s....yep, thirty or so years. My articles and reviews have appeared in Soundcheck Magazine and on Examiner.com, as well as here at Harvest Moon Music. Although this is not my full-time gig (and I wish it was), it is my passion and I think you'll find that reflected within my writing. I certainly don't consider myself an expert, but I do think that I've heard enough music (good and bad) over the years to form an educated opinion for those who choose to read. So with that, welcome to Harvest Moon Music and remember - if you plan on purchasing music based on reviews, be sure to read as many opinions as you can!


  1. Dave, is there a way of contacting you, I want to ask you something.

  2. You bet. Drop me a line at tattooz@harvestmoonmusic.com and I'll get back to you.

  3. Dave, this album will blow your ears into space!


  4. Sounds good, but if you want your stuff reviewed please send a CD to the snail mail address above, or a link to download the entire album to my email address. Sorry, but I'm not stationary long enough to stream tracks and I won't review an album based on a couple of free download tracks.