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Review: Eldorado - Antigravity Sound Machine (2012)

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Antigravity Sound Machine

Spain's rock 'n' rollers Eldorado are back with Anitgravity Sound Machine, their third full-length release since coming together in 2007. I last touched base with the band in 2009 when reviewing their debut album En Busca de Eldorado, which was a fairly straightforward modern rock effort - albeit with Spanish lyrics. Much has changed in the Eldorado camp since then, not least of which has been the replacement of original singer Ignacio Torrecillas by Jesús Trujillo. The band has also switched their lyrical format over to English, and - perhaps most significantly - dropped the modern rock for a sound straight out of the garages of the '70s. That sound, combined with Trujillo's distinct voice, place Eldorado neck-and-neck with retro rock darlings like Wolfmother and Airbourne.

While Trujillo shares a lot of stylistic similarities with Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale, Eldorado's sound warrants further comparison due to the stripped down riffing of guitarist Andres Duende (also a newcomer since Eldorado's debut). While not flashy, Duende is clearly a student of classic rock. His riffs are simple, groovy affairs atop which he adds an occasional screeching solo or swaggering lead. The fuzziness he lends to "Space Mambo" and "Like A Lost Child" will appeal not only to classic rock fans, but stoner aficionados may even find something to capture their attention. In addition to Duende's guitar, Eldorado's abundant use of an organ on "Like A Lost Child" and the stand-out, Black Sabbath-inspired "Paranormal Circus" lends even more retro credibility to Antigravity Sound Machine.

Eldorado skips ahead in time just a bit on their slower tracks, drawing in the appeal of '80s power ballads on "Kassandra" and "A Farewell To November", the latter track having a bit of a post-rock sound to the atmospheric riffs. As fun as the uptempo songs on Antigravity Sound Machine are, Eldorado's musicianship really shines through on their ballads. The somber-toned "A Farewell To November" is a highlight, as is the the acoustic "Blue Jay Wings" that brings the album to a close.

Antigravity Sound Machine has a familiar sound due not only to Eldorado's classic rock inspiration, but also the recent popularity of other, similarly styled retro rock bands. Nevertheless, this album would be a welcome soundtrack to a summer day spent at the beach sipping brews and catching some rays.

Track Listing
1Maybe Forever4:03
2Mr. Saturn3:54
3Like A Lost Child4:56
4Another Bright Sunday5:46
5Searching For Light4:28
6A Farewell To November4:54
7Background Radiation3:26
8Space Mambo4:12
10Paranormal Circus6:51
11Lady Of The Mountain5:04
12Blue Jay Wings3:17
Total Runtime55:45

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