Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Hellchamber

Vancouver, British Columbia (that's in Canada, kids) has been responsible for hatching quite a number of successful metal outfits over the years. From Blasphemy to Strapping Young Lad and the excellent 3 Inches of Blood, those frigid northwestern waters have been a wellspring of metallic success. Bursting onto the scene less than a year ago, Hellchamber has just issued their self-titled, 3-track debut EP (which you can hear and download in its entirety on the band's ReverbNation page).

Hellchamber's sound fits squarely within the 3 Inches of Blood / White Wizzard retro metal arena, with voluminous riffs, fist-pumping beats, and scorching vocals. In fact, frontman Shane Stone's vocal style is eerily similar to that of his fellow countryman Sebastian Bach. Imagine, if you will, a caustic mix of Slave to the Grind era Skid Row and mid-'80s Judas Priest. For those whose imaginations are less than vivid, Hellchamber includes their cover of Priest's "The Hellion/Electric Eye" on the EP.

Fans of adrenaline-soaked, classic metal can do themselves a favor by staying up-to-date on Hellchamber's activities via their Facebook page - after consuming the band's EP, of course.