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Review: Nephelium - Coils of Entropy (2012)

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Coils of Entropy

Nephelium - Coils of Entropy
Although currently based out of Toronto, Canada, the origins of the death metal outfit Nephelium can be traced back to the Middle Eastern nation of Dubai when guitarist Alex Zubair and drummer Alan Madhavan came together with a brutal vision of metallic domination. After completing the line-up, releasing a demo and an EP, and sharing the stage with notables of the genre like Decide and Neuraxis, Nephelium have unleashed their debut full-length in the form of Coils of Entropy.

The album is undeniably brutal, considerably technical, yet interestingly approachable. The six tracks are dominated by swirling riffs, seemingly wayward beat patterns, and familiar belching guttural death metal vocals. Frequently, however, the chaos is held in check by some very weighty, mosh-inciting riffs and sharp solos containing just a hint of Middle Eastern melodies. Each track is an attention-grabbing conglomeration of ferocity and groove, with blast beats serving as complimentary backdrops for deliberate, chugging riffs.

Devlin Anderson's sulfurous vocal performance is well executed, though his incoherent blathering toward the end of "Malediction" provides one of the few questionable aspects of Coils of Entropy. Otherwise, Nephelium's debut long player has just enough cacophony to please the anarchists while keeping the pit fiends engaged with plenty of primal groove.

Track Listing
1Burial Ground5:04
2Merciless Annihilation6:17
5Halls Of Judgement5:56
6Coils Of Entropy10:05
Total Runtime41:16

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