Monday, December 5, 2011

Metal Art Gallery: Saxon - Crusader

Crusader - Crusader
I first heard Saxon way back in 1984 when, while browsing through the local hole-in-the-wall record store, I stumbled upon the captivating album cover for the band's sixth full-length Crusader. I'm sure I was just but one of a countless number of DnD-playing teens who were mesmerized by this mighty scene portrayed by now-legendary artist Paul Raymond Gregory, but the chance purchase led to Saxon becoming one of my favorite metal bands of all time.

While many covers reflect the contents of an album in an abstract sense at best, Gregory's Crusader cover (which, incidentally, was his very first album cover) provides a strong visual representation of the album's title track. He would of course go on to provide artwork for many, many great names in the metal world as well as the Bloodstock Festival - the largest heavy metal gathering in the United Kingdom.

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