Saturday, November 19, 2011

Metal Art Gallery: Arcania - Sweet Angel Dust

I'd like to try a new feature here at Harvest Moon Music. All of my reviews feature an image of the album cover art, but rarely do I give an opinion about it one way or the other. While most artwork has little to do with the music it's supposed to represent, cover art alone is quite a powerful marketing tool and has resulted in many an impulse purchase over the years - and I know that I'm not the only one guilty of doing so. Now I'd like to devote an irregular feature to examining some of the more attention-grabbing artwork that the metal world has to offer.

For the inaugural post, let's have a look at the cover to Sweet Angel Dust, the 2010 full-length debut from French thrashers Arcania.

Arcania - Sweet Angel Dust

I'm no art critic, but I know when I see a work of art that appeals to me. The cover of Sweet Angel Dust is just such an image. The first thing that drew me to this cover wasn't the interpretation of disintegrating innocence that dominates the foreground, but the ominous storm sweeping across the recently harvested fields in the background. The impending destruction carried on the winds of those blackened clouds inspires feelings of tension and dread, while the ravens alight on the headwinds foreshadow the potential carnage that will be left in the storm's wake. Any sense of innocence prior to the storm's arrival will certainly be shattered, changing lives forever.

For more information about Arcania or Sweet Angel Dust, stop by the band's Facebook page.

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