Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Heavy Metal Tuesday - May 3rd, 2011

First off, let me apologize for missing last week's installment of heavy metal releases. I was pulling a couple of 40-hour shifts at my "day job" which really cut into the time I set aside for Harvest Moon Music. Besides new releases from Primordial and Pegazus, though, there wasn't much to be had so it's on to this week's notable albums.

The Best of Week 18, 2011:

Argus: Boldy Stride The Doomed
(Cruz Del Sur)
The sophomore album from Pennsylvania old-school metallers Argus, Boldly Stride The Doomed is a nostalgic nod to the sound created by notable genre forerunners Slough Feg, Pentagram, Omen, and of course Black Sabbath. A little doomy, a lot retro, this one is a must-have for fans of traditional heavy metal.

Leaves' Eyes: Meredead
If you're at all a fan of Gothic or folk metal, you already know that the latest release from Leaves' Eyes should be in your collection. You can check out Harvest Moon's review right here, but rest assured you will snag this one post-haste.

Suidakra: Book of Dowth
Germany's Suidakra has been delivering Celtic-themed folk metal for over sixteen years now, and with Book of Dowth (the band's tenth studio full-length) their formula remains relatively the same - which is to say that this album will appeal to folk metal fans who crave atmosphere, traditional instrumentation, and slightly more than a dash of blackened aggression.

Twisted Tower Dire: Make It Dark
(Cruz Del Sur)
Make It Dark is the fifth full-length from Twisted Tower Dire and it kicks some serious traditional metal ass. Read Harvest Moon Music's review here, then get this weighty slab of old-school into your collection.

And now the rest:
Artillery: My Blood [ thrash ]
Before The Dawn: Deathstar Rising [ melodic death ]
Faithsedge: Faithsedge [ power/prog ]
Midnattsol: The Metamorphoses Melody [ power metal ] Read Harvest Moon Music's review
Modern Superstar: Under My Skin [ hard rock ]
The Poodles: Performocracy [ hard rock ]
Satan's Host: By The Hands of the Devil [ thrash ]
Septicflesh: The Great Mass [ death metal ]
Shakra: Back On Track [ melodic metal ]
Shaman: Origins [ power metal ]
Sixx: A.M.: This Is Gonna Hurt [ hard rock ]
Solar Fragment: In Our Hands [ power metal ]
Suidakra: Book of Dowth [ folk metal ]
Uriah Heep: Into The Wild [ hard rock ]
Voodoo Circle: Broken Heart Syndrome [ hard rock ]
While Heaven Wept: Fear Of Infinity [ prog ]
Wormrot: Dirge [ grind ]
Xerath: II [ symphonic black metal ]

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  1. That Shakra and new Sixx: A.M. are really, really, growing on me! Both are SOLID albums, IMO. What more can be said about the new Argus and Twisted Tower Dire albums!! Unreal albums both. Whoa. \m/

    Rock Steady - Stone/Metal Odyssey