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Review: Aenygmist - Creation Born Of Trauma (2010)

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Creation Born Of Trauma

Aenygmist is an all-female black metal five-piece from the Canadian province of Quebec whose debut album, Creation Born Of Trauma, provides an interesting glimpse of a band that has considerable potential. The Kittie, Dimmu Borgir, and Cradle of Filth influences are easily identifiable in the band's mid-paced, atmospheric sound, but repeated listens do reveal flashes of innovation that hint at what Aenygmist is capable of.

Frontwoman Vanessa Lapierre Chevarie, a latecomer to the lineup, is a considerably versatile vocalist and one of the elements that will help Aenygmist differentiate themselves from the horde of similarly styled black metal bands. From stark shrieks to deathly growls to operatic singing, Vanessa delivers a remarkable, multifaceted performance. Her vocals are often layered, with ethereal clean singing nicely complimenting her angered rasps, giving tracks like "Élixir" and "Internal Hemorrhage" ample staying power.

The skillful riffs of six-stringers Marie-Audrée Houle and co-founder Roxane Labonté are another area where Aenygmist shines. While the tracks are, for the most part, deliberately mid-paced, there's considerable tremolo put forth as well as the occasional staccato riff that is so common to the genre. "Clandestin" and "Paroxysme" are the tightest tracks in regard to the guitars, with diverse pacing and some punchy leads - though the best solo of the album appears on standout track "Élixir". Behind the kit, drummer Joannie Gagnon puts together a solid performance, her double-kick being quite prominent on "Interférences" and "Clandestin". Jessica Pion's bass guitar was, unfortunately, mostly buried too deep in the mix to be a factor. I suspect that has more to do with the fact that Creation Born Of Trauma was recorded on a shoestring budget than anything else, however.

Although some of the songs towards the end of the album seem to be overly chaotic and somewhat meandering, Creation Born Of Trauma remains a solid debut release that will appeal to fans of atmospheric, semi-melodic black metal. Keep an eye on Aenygmist.

Track Listing
4Rest In Peace6:17
5Head In Poisened hands5:45
7Internal Hemorrhage6:59
Total Runtime44:27

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