Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heavy Metal Tuesday: March 8, 2011

There's a pretty solid crop of albums hitting the streets this week, making it tough to choose a handful that stand out from the rest. See what you think.

The Best of Week 10, 2011:

Ava Inferi: Onyx
(Season Of Mist)
The Portuguese Gothic doom outfit Ava Inferi is back with Onyx, the band's fourth album. Mesmerizing, weighty, soothing - all terms that can be used to describe Ava Inferi's style of melancholic beauty. For fans of Katatonia, Theatre of Tragedy, etc.
Jag Panzer: The Scourge of The Light
For lovers of Americanized power metal, the wait for a new Jag Panzer album is over. The Scourge of The Light is just about everything fans of the band, and the style, expect from one of the nation's premier metal outfits. The Colorado metallers may have taken their collective foot off the accelerator just a bit on this, their ninth outing, but it's still a worthy purchase.

Lifelover: Sjukdom
The fourth full-length from Swedish depressive metallers Lifelover is an interesting affair. Hints of black metal anger permeate what is mostly a doomy, almost Gothic atmosphere bearing similarities to later-period Sentenced and Tiamat. An interesting underground pick for those more darkly inclined.

Turisas: Stand Up And Fight
(Century Media)
The Finnish Viking metal horde Turisas are back with their third studio album. Stand Up And Fight may distance a number of the band's early fans, for gone almost entirely are the harsh vocals to be replaced by clean crooning and triumphant choruses. While most of the music still retains much of the aggressive folk melodies, there's a palpable shift to a more standardized power metal sound. In fact, fans of bands like Dark Moor and Falconer may be more impressed with Stand Up And Fight than will fans of Ensiferum and Eluveitie.

And now the rest:
Beehover: Concrete Catalyst [ stoner ]
Benedictum: Dominion [ heavy metal ]
Children of Bodom: Relentless, Reckless Forever [ melodic death ]
Condemned: Condemed 2 Death [ thrash ]
Destruction: Day of Reckoning [ thrash ]
Dornenreich: Flammentriebe [ black metal ]
Hemoptysis: Misanthropic Slaughter [ thrash ]
The Human Abstract: Digital Veil [ progressive metalcore ]
Maruta: Forward Into Regression [ grind ]
Trust Company: Dreaming in Black and White [ hard rock ]
Wino: Adrift [ acoustic ]
Withering Soul: No Closure [ black metal ]

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