Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heavy Metal Tuesday: March 29, 2011

The highlights this week pick up the pace a bit over those from last week, though another female-fronted outfit makes its way into the top albums to watch for (go figure). Here they are:

The Best of Week 13, 2011:

Amon Amarth: Surtur Rising
(Metal Blade)
Swedish melodic death metal masters Amon Amarth are back with their eighth long-player and it's just as brutal, infectious, and groovy as you'd expect an Amon Amarth album to be. Surtur Rising will please long-time fans of the band and is also a good gateway album for those looking to hear what these Swedes are all about.

Havok: Time Is Up
The second album from Colorado's Havok is a furiously-paced, blistering package of old-school thrash the way thrash was meant to be played. If the Bay Area sound of the '80s gets your heart (and fist) pumping, then stop at nothing to get your hands on a copy of Time Is Up.

Within Temptation: The Unforgiving
The Dutch symphonic/Gothic metal powerhouse Within Temptation deliver their fifth studio album of sweeping melodies and soaring vocals. The band ventures dangerously close to the mainstream on The Unforgiving, but still has just enough of an edge to warrant attention from fans of Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, etc.

And now the rest:
Benighted: Asylum Cave [ grind ]
Blackguard: Firefight [ black metal ]
Bloodiest: Descent [ doom ]
Cavalera Conspiracy: Blunt Force Trauma [ thrashcore ]
Gridlink: Orphan [ grind ]
The Haunted: Unseen [ modern rock ]
Mercenary: Metamorphosis [ melodic death ]
Obscura: Omnivium [ progressive death ]
Of Legends: Stranded [ metalcore ]
Pale Chalice: Afflicting the Dichotomy of Trepid Creation [ black metal ]
Whitesnake: Forevermore [ hard rock ]

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