Friday, March 4, 2011

Acquisitions for February 2011

Inspired by Steve's CD Scavenger Hunt posts at his Heavy Metal Addiction blog, I've decided to run a monthly feature chronicling the growth of my own CD collection. The promos and review copies I receive from various labels and bands are not going to be included, as this is all about my personal hunting and gathering successes. For the past several years, my collection was neglected while I tread water in the Michigan economy and then made the financially painful move to greener pastures in Kentucky. Now, a couple of years later, things with the farm and other various ventures have reached the point where I can once again devote some resources to fulfilling my passion for collecting music. So here's what February brought to my shelves:

Bon Jovi - New Jersey (1988)
Ok, before you rush to judgement, hear me out. I am by no means a Bon Jovi fan, but if (like me) the '80s were your teenaged years then listening to his music was unavoidable if you planned on spending some time with the opposite sex. Am I wrong? The only Bon Jovi cassette I ever owned was this one, and it made it's way into my personal belongings as I shipped off to basic training after graduation. Many homesick moments were spent listening to New Jersey, among others, so there's a certain nostalgia attached to this album. Seeing an original pressing on eBay, not the remaster, going for cheap I just decided to pull the trigger and pick it up.

Cauldron - Burning Fortune (2011)
I'm a "classic" metal junkie and eagerly look forward to new releases from bands that still wave the flag of true heavy metal. Canada's Cauldron is one of those bands that plays old-school metal and plays it well, innovation be damned.  I'm all for it, and even though I missed their debut I was sure to pick up their sophomore effort when it was released. Don't be surprised if you see Chained To The Nite on one of these posts in the near future.

Dropkick Murphys - The Meanest of Times (2007)
Irish punk/rock is one of the many non-metal genres that I really enjoy, and Dropkick Murphys rank atop my favorite bands of the style. I've been eagerly awaiting the March 1st release of their new album, Going Out In Style, so when I came across a nicely priced used copy at Lexington's CD Central I snapped it up without a second thought. You can bet Going Out In Style will be on March's acquisition list.

Flotsam and Jetsam - Dreams of Death (2005)
One of the glaring embarrassments of my collection is the number of bands whose complete catalog I should own, but don't. Arizona's Flotsam and Jetsam is one of those bands, and though their primary claim to fame was Jason Newstead on bass (for the first album) they're still a solid thrash outfit that I first got into back in the day. Dreams of Death, the band's ninth long-player, doesn't really stand out from the pack but is nevertheless an enjoyable entry to the genre and fills a gap on my shelf. Another eBay victory.

Lacuna Coil - Comalies (2002)
If been a fan of this Italian Gothic metal outfit since I purchased their debut in 1999. I was quick to grab the follow-up Unleashed Memories, but failed to keep up with Lacuna Coil's output. Despite the band's sharp veer into the commercial mainstream, I still enjoy the music they put together. Both this release and the band's most current album, Shallow Life, where going for cheap from the same seller on eBay so I nabbed 'em both. Now only Karmacode remains....

Lacuna Coil - Shallow Life (2009)
See above.

Lita Ford - Wicked Wonderland (2009)
You can rest assured that a number of Lita Ford posters adorned my walls back in high school. Whose didn't? One of metal's original bad girls, I've always enjoyed her music even if much of her popularity was due more to charisma than anything else. Wicked Wonderland piqued my interest when it was released, but the album didn't generate a lot of positive press so it drifted down my priority list. A cheap used copy caught my eye on eBay so I picked it up, but I do have to admit it was a rather disappointing purchase. Definitely not up to par with her classic solo work.

Goblin Cock - Come With Me If You Want To Live (2008)
Ridiculous name aside, San Diego's Goblin Cock is a pretty decent stoner doom outfit with a great sense of humor. I do enjoy me some High On Fire, Priestess, and Orange Goblin so Goblin Cock's style is right up my alley. I'd never heard of the band before I stumbled across this, their sophomore release, while trolling eBay but it was more than worth the few bucks I spent to snag it. The downside to the score, being the completist that I am, means their debut album has been added to my want list of back-fills.

Saxon - Crusader (1984)
These NWOBHM legends are one of my all-time favorite bands, and I am ashamed to admit that I haven't yet completed replacing my Saxon cassettes with CDs. Crusader, though the band's sixth studio release, was my first exposure to this veteran outfit. The cover art caught my attention as I was browsing the dingy bins of Rock of Ages in Garden City, Michigan, at that time a grungy hole-in-the-wall metal shop and a favorite hangout of mine. As the years went by, my cassette copy wore out and for any number of reasons Crusader was never replaced with a CD - even though it always topped my want list. I finally committed to picking up a copy and leveraged a $2-off coupon from to get it. The album sounds as good as it did when I first heard it twenty-six years ago.

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Návaz (2011)
This Czech outfit's style of folk-inspired Gothic metal has always held my interest, though I've never owned one of their albums. Návaz, the band's sixth album, intrigued me enough to drop few bucks to add it to my collection. Sung entirely in the band's native language, Návaz may put some people off but I find that it adds significant depth and mystery to the dark, Gothic atmosphere.

Warrant - Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (1989)
Again, a bout of nostalgia led me to pick up a remastered copy of Warrant's debut album (at a rock bottom price) from Blow It Outa Here. My cassette copy bit the dust decades ago but this one was never high on my priority list to replace. With a number of the band's follow-up releases in my collection, I figured it was about time I roped this one in. Hair metal is one of my guilty pleasures and the only excuse that I can offer is that I am simply a product of my generation.


  1. I never owned every Bon Jovi album, still, "New Jersey" is one of the best from his band. Lacuna Coil is extremely underrated. I sold my copy of "Wicked Wonderland" the very next day after I bought it... and f.y.e. gave me $$$! That Warrant album is in my collection for that same reason you gave! A cool list... except for "Wicked Wonderland". :)

  2. I can't see me looking to pick up another Bon Jovi album. "New Jersey" is the only one that resonates with me, so I'm fine limiting my collection to just that one. I am surprised at how disappointed I am with "Wicked Wonderland". I guess I can understand the harder, contemporary edge she's going for on that album, but it just doesn't work. Even still, I'm OCD about my CD collection so that one will probably remain - collecting