Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Heavy Metal Tuesday: February 8, 2011

Starting this week, I'm going to change up how Heavy Metal Tuesdays are done around here. Frankly, the way I have been presenting each week's new U.S. releases has been a pain in my ass so I'm going to break up the list into two categories. First, in a section that will differ little from what you've seen so far, I'll highlight the releases that I think lead the pack for that particular week. The remaining albums will be lumped into a simple list format limited to artist, title, and sub-genre. And so with that....

The Best of Week 6, 2011:

Crowbar: Sever the Wicked Hand
The New Orleans sludge rockers Crowbar are back with their much-anticipated ninth full-length Sever the Wicked Hand. It's been six years since the band's previous album and early indications are that this one may be the best of their career thus far.

Falkenbach: Tiurida
The German one-man Viking metal entity known as Falkenbach returns with new music after a seven-year dry spell. Tiurida is everything that Falkenbach fans have come to expect from the band, and a worthy edition to the collection of fans of folk and Gothic metal. Take a look at Harvest Moon Music's review.

Helstar: Glory of Chaos
Houston, Texas' Helstar continue their resurrection with Glory of Chaos. The band blends their old-school thrash roots with modern production qualities to deliver unto the masses a proper ass-kicking. Read more about it in Harvest Moon Music's review.

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy: Navaz
The Czech Gothic ensemble Silent Stream of Godless Elegy return with their sixth album of dark, folk-inspired style of metal. Fans of groups like Dalriada, Leaves' Eyes, and Theatre of Tragedy will want to give Navaz a try.

And now the rest:
Artas: Riotology [metalcore]
Battlelore: Doombound [Gothic metal] Harvest Moon Music review
Belphegor: Blood Magick Necromance [black metal]
Defiled: In Crisis [death metal]
Helrunar: Sól I/II (two albums) [black metal]
Macabre: Grim Scary Tales [death/grind]
Made of Hate: Pathogen [thrash]
Onslaught: Sounds of Violence [thrash] Harvest Moon Music review

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