Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heavy Metal Tuesday: February 22, 2011

There's a good number of releases this week with power, prog, and thrash heavy-hitters leading the pack!

The Best of Week 8, 2011:

Elvenking: Red Silent Tides
Italy's reigning champions of folkish power metal, Elvenking return with their sixth album of infectious melodies and admirable fretwork. Most of the folk elements the band is known for are absent from Red Silent Tides, with the band adopting a more melodic/AOR stance this time around. Still highly recommended.

Evergrey: Glorious Collision
The Swedish prog metal force Evergrey is back with an eighth album of melancholic expression. Fans know what to expect from Evergrey and, even though there are no surprises on Glorious Collision, this is an ablum worth adding to any prog fan's collection.

Tankard: Vol(l)ume 14
Beer and thrash. What can be more German than that? Veteran thrashers Tankard are back with their obviously-titled fourteenth album of Teutonic anthems. Again, no surprises here but that's what makes snagging a copy of Vol(l)ume 14 a no-brainer.

And now the rest:
Betzefer: Freedom To The Slave Makers [metalcore]
Darkest Hour: The Human Romance [metalcore]
Defaced: Anomaly [metalcore]
Drugs of Faith: Corroded [metalcore]
Earth: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light [doom]
Eyes of a Traitor: Breathless [metalcore]
Magic Kingdom: Symphony of War [power metal]
Necronoclast: Ashes [black metal] Read Harvest Moon Music's review
Svart Crown: Witnessing the Fall [black metal]


  1. That new TANKARD album is gooooood stuff. Earth is quite the unique band... I really do dig their drone style. :)

    - Stone/Metal Odyssey

  2. I agree with you on Tankard. I have a copy and a review will be forthcoming. I haven't heard too much of the Earth album yet.

    -- Dave