Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heavy Metal Tuesday: February 15, 2011

Get ready to lighten your wallet this week!

The Best of Week 7, 2011:

Cauldron: Burning Fortune
The Canadian three-piece Cauldron return with their sophomore album of traditional, NWOBHM-inspired metal. Innovation be damned, these guys can really bring the old school.

Decide: To Hell With God
One of the indisputable founders of death metal, Florida's Deicide are back with their tenth album of venomous blasphemy. Whether you're a fan or not, a release from one of the style's all-time bestselling outfits is worthy of a spin.

Korpiklaani: Ukon Wacka
Finland's champions of "party metal", Korpiklaani return with their seventh album of folk-inspired mayhem. Ukon Wacka is not the band's best album to date, but listening to it doesn't inspire you to raise a horn of mead then...well...I hear Justin Bieber has a new movie out that you might be interested in.

Sirenia: The Enigma of Life
The Norwegian Gothic metal powerhouse Sirenia is back with their fifth album. The Enigma of Life isn't as strong as their previous releases, but fans of the genre won't want to pass on this one.

Ten: Stormwarning
Gary Hughes' Ten has been industriously cranking out AOR-inspired albums for nearly fifteen years now. Stormwarning is the band's ninth and a must-have for fans of highly infectious melodic metal.

And now the rest:
Allen/Lande: The Showdown [melodic metal]
The Famine: The Architects of Guilt [death metal]
Hurtsmile: Hurtsmile [hard rock]
Mr. Big: What If... [hard rock]
Neuraxis: Asylon [death metal]
The Project Hate MCMXCIX: Bleeding the New Apocalypse [death metal]
Rev Theory: Justice [hard rock]
Scheepers: Scheepers [power metal]

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