Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heavy Metal Tuesday: January 25, 2011

The steel mills were double-shifted this week and the result is a vast selection of new titles for you to spend your hard earned dollars on. Check 'em out!

Architects: The Here And Now
Another Century Media metalcore release, The Here And Now is the fourth full-length from the British band Architects. More progressive than most releases of this style, The Here And Now certainly has its moments and may be a bit too complex for the Hot Topic crowd.

The Bronx Casket Co.: Antihero
The brainchild of Overkill bassist D.D. Verni, The Bronx Casket Co. has been delivering Gothic-tinged thrash for over a decade. Antihero, the band's fourth album, blends a number of influences for a sound that will appeal to a diverse fanbase. If you're into Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, you'll want to get your hands on this one.

Cavus: Fester & Putrefy
The debut full-length from Finnish black metal outfit Cavus, Fester & Putrefy is a rather doomy excursion into the Satanic belly of the genre. More accessible than raw, those even mildly interested in black metal should look this one up.

Cold Snap: Perfection
Croatia is rarely a place one thinks of when looking for up-and-coming metal acts, but Cold Snap is attempting to remedy that fact. Perfection is the band's second album of groove-oriented metal that will appeal to fans of Disturbed, Soulfly, and Korn.

Deathspell Omega: Paracletus
France's Deathspell Omega has always defied categorization (and explanation) with their seemingly directionless style of blackened avant-garde metal. Paracletus, the band's fifth album, is just as hard to digest as their previous works.

Demonic Resurrection: The Return to Darkness
India's Demonic Resurrection is an up-and-coming death metal outfit with two previous full-length releases under their belts. The Return to Darkness, which completes a loose conceptual trilogy, finally receives a North American release after having been "on the streets" for a year now.

Eastern Front: Blood On Snow
Hailing from Great Britain, Eastern Front is an atmospheric black metal band that builds their imagery and lyrical content around World War II's Eastern Theatre. Blood On Snow, the band's debut album, finally reaches North American shores. Check out our review.

Horned Almighty: Necro Spirituals
Another 2010 release getting proper distribution this side of the Atlantic, Necro Spirituals is the fourth full-length studio album from Danish black metallers Horned Almighty. Pretty straightforward, blasphemous stuff here.

Bruce Lamont: Feral Songs for the Epic Decline
Led Zeppelin 2 and Yakuza frontman Bruce Lamont ventures out on his own with Feral Songs for the Epic Decline. A metal album this is not, but an otherworldly journey perhaps best absorbed by dedicated Lamont fans.

Magnum: The Visitation
Long-running British prog-rockers Magnum (formed in 1972) return with their 16th album of melodic AOR. Not revolutionary by any means, The Visitation will nevertheless be a worthy addition to the collections of band and genre fans.

Nadiwrath: Nihilistic Stench
The debut album from Greek black 'n' rollers Nadiwrath is a heartfelt nod to thrash of the old school variety, updated with sickening vocals and an unmistakable punk attitude. An interesting, if sometimes disjointed, release.

Obsidian: Point of Infinity
Dutch progressive death metal outfit Obsidian returns with their sophomore release. Point of Infinity is, ultimately, pretty unremarkable as far as prog death goes but fans of the style will want to harness this one.

Order of Apollyon: Flesh
Featuring members of Cradle of Filth, Akercocke, and Trigger the Bloodhsed, the debut album from Britain's Order of Apollyon is by-the-numbers black metal. Genre fans will undoubtedly want to get their hands on this one.

Psycho: Pain Addict Pigs
The debut album from Singapore's Psycho, Pain Addict Pigs is a cacophonous amalgamation of death, black, and even punk rock - all with an underlying horror theme. A tough listen, but worthy of exploration by the more adventurous metalhead.

Rhapsody of Fire: The Cold Embrace of Fear
The Italian outfit Rhapsody of Fire has become established as a force to be reckoned with in the halls of epic European power metal. The Cold Embrace of Fear is an EP encompassing one 35-minute theatrical song, divided into seven parts, that fans of the genre will do anything to get their claws in to.

The Shadow Theory: Behind the Black Veil
Somewhat of a prog metal supergroup, The Shadow Theory was founded by Psychotic Waltz frontman Devon Graves and includes members of Threshold and Pain of Salvation. Behind the Black Veil is the project's debut album and is a must-have for fans of Dream Theater and Fates Warning who have a place in their hearts for Jethro Tull.

Tuck From Hell: Thrashing
Sweden's Tuck From Hell is a five-piece outfit that strives to harness the Bay Area thrash sound on their debut album, the simply and appropriately titled Thrashing. There are no surprises on this one. Thrash is what you get and if thrash is what you want, then get Thrashing.

Ulcerate: The Destroyers of All
For death metal that matches brutality with technicality, look no further than the third full-length from New Zealand's Ulcerate. The Destroyers of All won't turn the genre upside down, but does deliver the discordance with surgical efficiency.

The Very End: Mercy & Misery
The sophomore album from German modern thrashers The Very End is a pulsating assault built upon aggressive riffs and thunderous double-kick. Mercy & Misery is a decent, if unsurprising, album for modern metal fans.

Volture: Shocking Its Prey
The debut EP from Richmond, Virginia's Volture is a traditional metal extravaganza. Featuring members of Twisted Tower Dire and Immortal Avenger, Volture is a band that should be on the radar of any old-school, chains & leather metal fan.

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