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Review: Dice Of Fate - Living For The Thrills (2009)

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Living For The Thrills

In Living For The Thrills, Finland's Dice Of Fate has put together quite an interesting album. Aspects of Thrash, Hard Rock, Power Metal, and NWOBHM have been swizzled together to create a potent cocktail of fist-pumping Heavy Metal certain to quench the thirsts of a wide variety of metal fans.

Taking their cue from the likes of Tipton/Downing and Murray/Smith, guitarists Antti and Jani provide volley upon volley of dual-guitar harmonies. Every song is guitar-centric, with the two axe-slingers laying down scorching solos and snarling leads when not joined together in rifftastic melodies. Too much of a good thing isn't always good, however, and the songs occasionally become a little too busy as Antti and Jani muscle out opposing leads. Such occurrences aren't common, making this gripe a minor one, but Dice Of Fate's overall sound will surely benefit from tightening up this particular aspect. The title track is an example of the band firing on all cylinders, where the meandering runs are well synchronized and the emphasis is placed on the soaring riffs. The addition of some atmospheric leads gives the track just a hint of a Gothic feel, while Antti's vocal performance reminds me a lot of Mathias Blad (Falconer) and adds a Power Metal touch to the track. The similarities between Antti and Blad surface again on "One Way Out", but overall Dice Of Fate's frontman possesses a thrashy mid-range style that neither soars nor roars - yet is powerful and enjoyable. Besides the title track, album highlights include the infectious chorus and vocalizations of "The Race" as well as the sizzling Power Metal of the hidden track at the end of the disc.

Although Dice Of Fate hasn't really ventured into uncharted territory on Living For The Thrills, the band has drifted apart from the pack by bucking trends and releasing a very solid album of good ol' Heavy Metal that doesn't sound like a throwback to the '80s (not that that's a bad thing, by any means). It's pure, it's ass-kicking, it's Heavy Metal. Go to the band's MySpace page and get your hands on this one.

Track Listing
1 Life Long Plan 3:32
2 Living For The Thrills 4:13
3 One Way Out 2:46
4 The Race 3:51
5 Mr. Greed 3:04
6 Blossom & Decay 3:01
7 End Of Another Dream 4:13
8 Without Lillith 2:53
9 All My Sins 2:56
10 Love Is Loud 8:54
Total Runtime 39:23

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