Friday, March 20, 2009

Review: RuinGloria - I'm Pretty Sure My ExGirlfriend is a Vampire (2008)

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I'm Pretty Sure My ExGirlfriend is a Vampire
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I recently received I'm Pretty Sure My ExGirlfriend Is A Vampire, the new CD single from Australia's RuinGloria, and had to think long and hard about posting a review here on Harvest Moon Music. Heavy Metal is listed on the promo sheet as one of the band's stylistic influences, but that's about all that is Metal about this release. However, after a lot of thought and repeated spins of the CD, I concluded that there just might be something here that extremely open-minded Metal fans would be interested in.

RuinGloria has apparently been burning up the Sydney club scene as well as causing quite a stir amongst the MySpace crowd. Their brand of shoegazing alt-rock is highly infectious, I'll give them that. Fronted by Adam Hollywood, RuinGloria combines poppy dance rhythms with electronica and admirable riffs to create a sound that they term "rocking pop". Hollywood's vocals are textbook emo, just whiny enough to make the girls swoon, though there are brief moments where he leverages a somewhat harsh scream for effect. The title track opens with a decent bass riff from Chris Wall, which melds into some strong alt-rock riffs from Matt Rud and Dean Jagger (who serves double duty on the keyboards). The track moves along at a quick pace, contains a couple of slightly aggressive breakdowns, and a number of those aforementioned screams from Hollywood. The sex-fueld "Highway 69 What A Drive" is the most metallic song on the disc and as such is the track I'd recommend to those open-minded metalheads. The song begins with a rather punishing series of beats from drummer Timmy V that are nicely in sync with the downtuned riffs. Overall there's a slight Avenged Sevenfold vibe going on with this track, though Hollywood's vocals are just too emo to really mesh with the menace of the music. The final track on the CD, "The Duke Remix", finds Jagger's electronic elements in the forefront, giving the song plenty of potential in the club scene. Capped by a catchy chorus, I wouldn't be surprised if this is an instant favorite with the MySpace groupies.

Obviously, I'm Pretty Sure My ExGirlfriend Is A Vampire has little to nothing to do with Heavy Metal. The emo alt-rock on offer here is certainly a bit edgier than than one typically encounters, though, which is why I think the most open-minded Metal aficionados might have an interest in at least giving RuinGloria a listen.

Track Listing
1I'm Pretty Sure My ExGirlfriend Is A Vampire3:39
2Highway 69 What A Drive4:53
3The Duke Remix4:45
Total Runtime13:17

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