Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Review: Eldorado - En Busca de Eldorado (2008)

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En Busca de Eldorado

Eldorado is a very new hard rock outfit from Spain, having only just come together in 2007. Except for an admirable cover of Deep Purple's "Mistreated", the band's debut album En Busca de Eldorado is sung entirely in Spanish. Even if, like me, you can't understand an ounce of Spanish, this album still has a lot to offer fans of both classic and modern hard rock.

One of the highlights of En Busca de Eldorado is the opening track "Abril". Right away, guitarist Nano Paramio greats you with a huge, fuzzy riff straight from the '70s. Eldorado's appeal lies in their ability to deliver an updated classic rock sound that is both retro and contemporary, so it's not long before those distorted riffs give way to a very punchy modern guitar sound. The title track stands out as being the most melodic song on the album, yet still delivers some significant bite thanks to Paramio's razor-sharp leads. His Clapton influence shines through on "El Jugador", where the groovy '70s riffs return in spades. For me, one of the most enjoyable songs on the album is "Déjame Decirte", an obligatory power ballad that features bassist César Sánchez laying down a meaty bottom-end. Besides serving up plenty of riffage, Paramio shines during the solos that are liberally sprinkled throughout the disc. "Identidad" closes out En Busca de Eldorado with Paramio's most extensive solo, ending the album on quite a positive vibe.

The vocals on En Busca de Eldorado are served up by Ignacio Torrecillas. He has a great voice for this type of music - gruff yet smooth, smokey and soulful. Since the album was released, Torrecillas has left the band and the vocal duties have been assumed by Jesús Trujillo. I've not heard Trujillo sing, so the impact he'll have on Eldorado's sound is yet to be determined. If he's as good as, or better than, Torrecillas, Eldorado has a decent chance of making an impact in Europe as well as on this side of the Atlantic.

If you're into modern, radio-friendly hard rock but can't get enough of some good ol' AC/DC and Rainbow, give Eldorado as listen. Whether or not you speak Spanish, there's a good chance you're gonna like what you hear.

Track Listing
1 Abril 4:18
2 El Final 3:33
3 Un Mal Presentimiento 4:21
4 Déjame Decirte 4:00
5 En Busca de Eldorado 3:48
6 El Jugador 5:22
7 Mistreated 8:28
8 Identidad 4:59
Total Runtime 38:49

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