Thursday, December 11, 2008

Review: Redliner - promo (2008)

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New Jersey tends to get a bad rap, but over the years the Garden State has managed to produce a number of successful rock and metal artists. Symphony X, Bruce Springsteen, God Forbid and Bon Jovi are just a few that come to mind. Rough, working-class rock continues to be a positive Jersey export thanks to up-and-coming bands like Redliner, who've recently released a 3-song promo in advance of the January release of their debut album Vengeance.

Taking their cue from tried-and-true '80s hard rock, the guys of Redliner have put together three catchy lil' songs that will get your feet tapping and your fingers noodling those air guitar strings. All of the tracks on the promo are extremely guitar-centric in a Van Halen sort of way (which is a good thing). Dan Chrzan lays down plenty of gritty, melodic riffs that recall the days when songs like "Panama" and "Breaking the Chains" ruled the radio. Not satisfied to rest his laurels on riffs alone, Chrzan consistently fires off some sizzling solos throughout the disc that impress while managing to stay just shy of being pretentious. The rhythm team of Steve Tortu (bass) and Don Valentino (drums) can be heard distinctly in the mix, giving the tracks a good bit of punch and plenty of groove. Behind the mic, Jim Santora has a swaggering, no-frills style that works well with Redliner's honest brand of rock. He doesn't overpower the music and knows his limits - and to stay within them - yet still manages to perform convincingly. "Never Got The Chance", for me the most memorable song on the promo, finds Santora's performance coming together most impressively with Tortu's thumping bass, Chrzan's chunky riffs, and Valentino's spot-on beats.

This promo proves that the guys of Redliner have put together three quality songs, but they're still an emerging band with room for improvement. The transitions seemed a little choppy at times, and occasionally a solo from Chrzan felt out of place, but these are minor gripes that can be corrected easily. I've stopped assigning "stars" to promos since there have been times when the handful of tracks on the promo were the only good things about the album they preceded. That being said, all indications are that Vengeance will be an album that fans of guitar-driven hard rock will want to get their hands on.

Track Listing
1Knock Me Down3:24
2Never Got A Chance5:44
3Damaged Girl3:51
Total Runtime12:59

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