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Review: Black Water Rising - Brother Go On (2008)

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Brother Go On

Black Water Rising is the latest project from Brooklyn singer/songwriter/guitarist Rob Traynor, who may be known to some of you for his atmospheric rock band Dust To Dust. Joining Traynor in this latest venture is guitarist Johnny Fattoruso (Stereomud, Five Year Stare), drummer Mike Meselsohn (Boiler Room) and Oddie McLaughlin on bass. The group came together in 2006 and began gigging around New York before heading into the studio to record their debut album, which is due out before the end of 2008. In the meantime, they've released a limited edition EP featuring the single "Brother Go On" and three other tracks - one of which will not be appearing on the full-length.

From the opening notes of the title track, Brother Go On oozes backwoods Southern groove. Fuzzy, bottom-tuned riffs rule the day, powered along by gritty leads and chest-thumping percussion. Comparisons to Clutch and Monster Magnet leap immediately to mind, and in many ways Black Water Rising exudes a comparable vibe, but there are enough subtle differences to separate Traynor's project from the others that traverse similar waters. On "Living Proof", for example, Traynor mixes in a bit of throat-shredding with his usual husky style of delivery to provide a deeper sense of anguish. "Hate Machine" kicks off with a stoner riff before abruptly switching gears and taking on an alt-metal ambiance more like something from Traynor's previous work with Dust To Dust. Next to "Brother Go On", I found this track to be the most enjoyable on the EP due to the nice tempo changes and vocal harmonies. The psychedelic elements never disappear for long, keeping the song from sounding too out-of-place from the other tracks.

Brother Go On is an exciting glimpse at what is yet to come from Black Water Rising. The band has an excellent formula to capture attention not only in the hard rock underground but could very well crack into mainstream rock radio. I definitely recommend keeping an eye on these guys.

Track Listing
1Brother Go On2:53
2Living Proof4:57
3Hate Machine4:42
4Something's Wrong4:37
Total Runtime17:09

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