Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review: Blasphemous Creation - Shadows of Evil (2008)

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Shadows of Evil

Nevada's Blasphemous Creation formed in Reno only 2 years ago, but in that short time have released three EPs (Shadows of Evil being their third) and secured a spot at the 2008 Bloodstock Open Air festival in the UK. The music of Blasphemous Creation fits easily into the category of unadulterated thrash with black metal influences - much along the lines of early Kreator and Sodom. Frontman Isaac Wilson adopts a more raspy, blackened vocal style than T. Angelripper, but he still manages to deliver the lyrics in a fairly intelligeble manner. Musically Shadows of Evil careens along at breakneck speed with jagged edged riffs and searing solos from both Wilson and rhythm guitarist Ben Brown. The furious beats from drummer Travis Edwards are remarkably precise and though Jed Wilson's bass is all but buried in the mix, his lines occasionally break the surface and contribute nicely.

As far as originality goes, there's little to be had on Shadows of Evil. This is a rare case where judging the album by the cover is appropriate. Fans of furious blackened thrash with only the slightest hint of melody will undoubtedly find Blasphemous Creation to be a band they want to get to know. And while these Nevadans might not be innovative, they ply their craft with excellent precision and enthusiasm.

Track Listing
1Disciples of the Underworld3:55
2Beyond the Grave3:51
3They Come at Night5:21
4Shadows of Evil5:21
Total Runtime18:45

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