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Review: Fashion Bomb - Devils To Some, Angels To Others (2006)

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Devils To Some, Angels To Others

Let me start by explaining why Fashion Bomb's debut album Devils to Some, Angels to Others has been awarded my first-ever "no rating". I need to explain right away, here at the beginning of the review, to dispell any misunderstandings that may arise from looking no further than the score. The music is not the issue here. Plain and simple, it's a poor promotional campaign. To be able to review and rate an album, a reviewer needs the full album to do so. Fashion Bomb instead saw fit to send an excerpt of 4 songs and expected an album review based on those four songs. Doing so would be akin to writing a book review after reading only the first and last chapters, or reviewing a movie after seeing only the trailer. An album review based upon less than 30% of the material would be a sham and a disservice to those who read it. Guys, the samplers are great for generating label interest and seeking radio ariplay, but for album reviews you need to be completely forthcoming.

Alright, off the soap box and on to the music. Chicago's Fashion Bomb is an electro-industrial quintet possessing quite a number of similarities to Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, and Marilyn Manson. Lyrically inquisitive and anti-establishment, their music blends robust electronic ambiance with driving guitars and intense rhythms. Whereas "SS" is a pretty straightforward industrial metal track, "Low" comes across as my favorite selection because of the melodious chorus and the attention given to guitar solos and leads. A mid-tempo track, it still packs punch while maintaining accessiblity. Frontman Val contrasts more vocal melodies on "Christ Puncher" with enraged shouts and angered backing vocals from the rest of the band.

Based on what I've heard on this album sampler, I have to say that the songs presented are above average listens and that Fashion Bomb is skilled at putting together vocal and guitar hooks. What I can't say is whether or not the other 10 songs on Devils to Some, Angels to Others can compare. One final irritation: the album contains a cover of Mötley Crüe's "Looks That Kill" (one of my favorite Crüe tunes of all time) but it was, of course, left off the sampler. Bummer.

Track Listing
6God Drug
7The Line
8Ascend This Day
11Over It
12Christ Puncher
14Looks That Kill

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