Friday, October 29, 2004

Review: Of Infinity - The Essence of Inifinity (2004)

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The Essence of Infinity

The San Antonio, Texas, metal outfit Of Infinity is going to succeed. Talented as many underground bands are, for whatever reason they never quite catch the attention of the right people. Success in the music industry is a magic formula with talent, self-promotion, and determination being the main ingredients. Judging from what Of Infinity delivers on their three-song EP The Essence Of Infinity, they have all three in abundance.

Their press kit is, quite honestly, the slickest I've received in quite a long while. Neatly organized information about the band is packaged very smartly with a full-color, glossy slipsleeve containing the CD. Why am I spending my time, and yours, to mention the band's press kit? Because that is the first thing those industry types at the record labels will see as they're pouring through thousands of demos and inquiries. Catching their attention is the name of the game, so consider this a public service message to all of those up-and-coming bands out there. Being organized and professional does not mean that you're any less metal.

Ok, my soapbox has been kicked from under me so I'll get on to what the majority of us care about - Of Infinity's music. The members of the band (Alessandra Zinicola - vocals/piano/keys, Nazareth Sando - guitars/percussion, and Kurtis Kyllo - bass) have been playing together for less than two years, though Alessandra and Nazareth got together in 1999 to begin the project. What they've done in that short amount of time, however, says much for their songwriting ability and depth of talent.

The Essence Of Infinity begins with "The Voice Without", a pretty straightforward Gothic doom metal piece full of lush keys, somber guitar passages, and Alessandra's beautiful voice. As powerful as it is beautiful, her voice is strongest in the lower ranges and does tend to lose an edge as she reaches into her upper ranges, but overall she meshes seamlessly with the music. The next track, "Shadow Of A Lie", reminds me of something from Celestial Season's Solar Lovers album, with very Gothic violin passages from Emily Hesterman. Once again, the piano and keyboards make a strong presence and combine with Nazareth's dark riffs to provide the perfect atmosphere for Alessandra to work her magic. She's not as wistful on this track, which plays right into her strengths. While being significantly stronger than the first track, "Shadow Of A Lie" is eclipsed by the album's final track. "It's Only For Forever" shows the band take a giant leap with their melodic construction. Right away you're grabbed by Alessandra's piano intro as Nazareth lays into a pretty emotive solo. The vocal hooks are outstanding and perfectly laid. This is Of Infinity at their strongest, and as the final track it leaves the listener craving for more.

The three songs of The Essence Of Infinity are well crafted, well executed examples of Gothic metal that is beautiful, true to the genre, and accessible. The band has recently added a full time drummer to the fold, Carlos Teller, so with a complete lineup and there no longer being a need to rely on drum programming, I hope for much more to come along in the near future.

Track Listing
1The Voice Without5:33
2Shadow Of A Lie6:37
3It's Only For Forever4:50

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