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Review: Supervillain - Supervillain (2003)

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Supervillain  is a band out of New York City comprised of several members well-traveled in the NYC hardcore scene. Not a fan of that particular style of music? Then, contrary to first impressions, Supervillain is just the band for you. These guys serve up some straight-up metal influenced by bands such as Soundgarden, Kyuss, and Monster Magnet.

The later band, Monster Magnet, probably serves as the best reference point for this self-titled EP which abounds with fuzzy guitars and distortion, heavy bass grooves, and first-rate drumwork. Determined to resurrect the heavy music which shaped the early days of metal, yet is infused with a modern sense of aggression, Supervillain has managed to create a sound which delivers as promised. While the musicianship is top-notch, the prize here is singer Morgan Adams. Sounding much like Jesse James Dupree from Jackyl, his gritty tenor enlivens the mid-paced songs and adds that something extra that makes you sit up and take notice.

With only five songs on the album, I still found it difficult to choose a favorite. The final track, "Aggrophobic", is probably Supervillain at their best. Excellent, catchy guitar leads follow a raucous drum intro from Louie Gasparro. A certain sense of funkiness is generated by the bass lines laid down by Jay Nicholas and Morgan delivers his rawest performance of the disc - complete with a nod to Brian Johnson of AC/DC. I can hear a potential radio hit with this track. The strumming bass that opens "One Hundred Lives" leads to driving riffs and a catchy chorus from Morgan. If that wasn't enough to qualify this as a standout track, Louie proves his skill behind the kit with some colorful drum work. Morgan occasionally drops his range a bit on "Paradise Lust" as the band injects a bit of an Industrial guitar sound to the song.

While adhering to the roots of their core sound, Supervillain's music is far from sounding dated. These guys have come up with an album that, while contrary to what the major labels have been feeding us as "metal", is bound to catch on and turn some heads. The band is currently at work recording their debut full-length.

Track Listing
1 Wartorn
2 One Hudnred Lives
3 Paradise Lust
4 Lyin Eyes
5 Aggrophobic

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