Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Review: The Lust I Seek - Where Shadows Grow Silent (2003)

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Where Shadows Grow Silent

Heavily influenced by early My Dying Bride, and to a lesser degree Anathema and Katatonia, The Lust I Seek is a young Doom Metal band out of Finland. Founded in 2002 as Be My Sin, only Jussi Pekkala (guitars), Tomi Valkealahti (drums), and Juha Wuorinen (vocals) remain from the original incarnation. Antti Ojala (bass) and Kalle Suhonene (guitars) round out the current lineup.

The four songs on Where Shadows Grow Silent are dark, oppressive Doom in the truest sense of the genre. The riffs for the most part are ponderous, almost plodding, and amplify the sense of depression fostered by the bleak lyrics. Wuorinen varies vocal styles, from a Vampiric baritone to Death growls and onward to Blackish shrieks. He's a decent singer for the style, but often comes across as forced - particularly with his clean baritone. The first track on the demo, "Frozen Roses (For Thy Grave)", is the best of the disc though I still had trouble maintaining interest. The riffs aren't driving, but they're heavy and effective. Wuorinen devotes time to each of his delivery styles, all of which effectively convey the complete depression expressed by the music. After listening to this demo several times, I came away with indifference and, to a degree, boredom. Doleful Doom Metal is not a style of metal that appeals to me, so my opinion is of course slanted somewhat negatively because of my predisposition. I am by no means slighting the talent of The Lust I Seek as musicians, for they certainly possess the skills necessary to succeed at a higher level. Their songwriting is perhaps too one-dimensional at this point, with all four songs tending to blend together as one massive slab of gloom. Fans who seek to wrap themselves in a shroud of funereal emotion will definitely find here what they're looking for, however.

The band's website has a few words regarding their upcoming demo, and promise it to be further away from the Doom of Where Shadows Grow Silent and more Gothic and aggressive in nature. I personally feel that is a major step in the right direction, and hope to soon hear what progress The Lust I Seek has made.

Track Listing
1 Frozen Roses (For Thy Grave)
2 For My Sins
3 Where Shadows Grow Silent
4 The Silent Light

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