Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Review: Inflextion - demo (2004)

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Inflextion  is a burgeoning 5-piece extreme metal band from Detroit, Michigan, whose first demo is sure to turn some heads. Citing influences from Mudvayne to Hatebreed, Inflextion has put together three outstanding atmospheric death metal songs to showcase their abilities.

The first track on the demo, "Know Yourself", is a heavily In Flames-influenced composition with the highlight being the catchy and melodic riffs from Jay and Mike (no last names in the press kit or on their website). Time changes are used effectively to create an interesting listen, and Steve's vocals infuse the song with a sense of absolute rage. This song definitely has the potential to be a hit, even in the over-saturated aggressive metal scene that permeates radio and MTV2. "Sea Of Gray" opens with a haunting intro that carries throughout the song. Steve lays on the screams with a more hardcorish slant, and the riffs are of the nu-metal bottom tuned stop-start variety. Finally, "72nd Hour" shows the bands industrial influences with a multi-tracked spoken intro and heavily effected guitars. Again with underlying atmospherics, the ferocity of the track is tempered with melodic riffs which, for each song on the demo, makes it fresh and absorbing.

While most new bands today, especially in the metal underground here in America, go for balls-out brutality with minimal use of melody, Inflextion already display a talent for blending the two and making their extreme metal accessible without sacrificing fierceness. Do yourself a favor and stop by their website, and if in the Detroit area stop by a show and support these guys.

Track Listing
1 Know Yourself
2 Sea Of Gray
3 72nd Hour

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