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Review: Infinite Dreams - Touch My Skin (2003)

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Touch My Skin
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In the mid-'80s, melodic hard rock ruled radio with bands such as Whitesnake, Tesla, and Bon Jovi setting the standard for success. Like it or leave it, the memories of the decade were made to songs such as "Little Suzi", "Still Of The Night", and "Never Say Goodbye". The Swiss quintet Infinite Dreams takes a nostalgic page from the Decade of Excess and delivers a solid debut album in the form of Touch My Skin. While the aforementioned bands provide a pretty accurate comparison to the music of Infinite Dreams, frontwoman Miriam Pürro adds an entirely different dimension to the mix. Bringing to mind Heart's self-titled 1985 album, Miriam's passionate voice is clear, powerful, and fits seamlessly with the music. Easily on the same level with hits such as "Never" and "These Dreams", the songs on Touch My Skin deliver in a big way.

Heavy on the bass, "Bad Devotion" starts the album off and provides quick introduction to the skills of Infinite Dreams. Miriam impresses immediately with her flawless performance, particularly on the catchy chorus. Sandro Huwiler's keys are a constant, and remain so throughout the album. Never overwhelming, the keyboards are used very effectively in creating atmospheric melodies and lending an appropriate accompaniment to Severin Schürch's great bass lines and Michael Giger's chunky riffs. Giger also impresses with his leads, such as those on the title track. Miriam shines again on this track, displaying remarkable range and depth of feeling. The melody and chorus is particularly memorable, giving this song definite radio hit potential. "Lost In Your Arms" is another highlight, taking a more bluesy slant than other songs on the disc. Giger lets loose a bit with some colorful leads and a tight solo, while Miriam adds a sultry element to her delivery that is reminiscent of Alannah Myles. A big guitar sound and mesmerizing keys herald the beginning of "Afraid To See The Light". Very basic in structure, this song nevertheless provides one of the more memorable choruses on Touch My Skin. Huwiler brings on a tender interlude before the song ramps up with some chunky riffs from Giger. Mid-tempo is the overall pace of the album, but the ballad "Everything Has An End" slows things down another notch. Schürch's bass is the prominent feature here. Emotional and intricate, he mixes well with Giger and Huwiler. Steady and reliable, Mark Steffen's work behind the kit isn't flashy or pummeling but his timing never falters throughout. Wrapping up Touch My Skin is "Call Of The Road". With an opening riff slightly similar to Poison's "Ride The Wind", the tune is up-beat, infectious, and one of the best of the disc.

Nostalgia aside, Touch My Skin is an excellent melodic hard rock album. Flawless production and alluring artwork complete a first-rate package, making this one of my favorite albums of 2003. Fans of melodic rock, and '80s hard rock in particular, are advised to keep an eye out for Infinite Dreams. Check out their website for song clips and more info.

Track Listing
1 Bad Devotion
2 Touch My Skin
3 Irresistible
4 Shelter From The Storm
5 Lost In Your Arms
6 Afraid To See The Light
7 Is It A Sin?
8 Everything Has An End
9 Falling
10 Restless Heart
11 Addicted To Fire
12 Call Of The Road

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