Thursday, November 6, 2003

Review: Lechery - demo (2003)

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Lechery  - meaning "excessive indulgence in sexual activity" (so sayeth The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language). What an outstanding choice for the name of a heavy metal band, in my opinion anyway. Of course, with that definition you probably assume the music of such a band to be in the Glam/Sleaze metal genre somewhere between Poison and Quiet Riot. How about if I told that frontman Martin Bengtsson was once the bass player for Swedish deathsters Arch Enemy and Armageddon? Assumptions are not good things to rely on, especially in the world of music. Lechery is, in fact, a melodic metal band that displays substantial promise on their first demo recording.

While comprised of only 4 songs, the band is able to convey an excellent sense of songwriting with intricate hooks and effective use of guitar harmonies, catchy choruses, and keyboard atmosphere. The influence of bands such as Dokken and Judas Priest is clearly evident, though Lechery is by no means lacking in originality. Quite the opposite, in fact. Martin's clean vocals are clear and polished, and at times he faintly reminds me of Chuck Billy and other mid-'80s metal vocalists.

While I thoroughly enjoy all of the songs on the demo, "Open Your Eyes" stands out as one of my favorites. A mid-tempo rocker that opens with a memorable riff subtly underscored by the keys of Fredrik Nordstrandh (who is also the lead guitarist), the voice of Martin here reminds me most of the '80s era of metal. The outstanding guitar harmonies of Martin and Fredrik are punctuated by the prominent bass of Marcus Eriksson and the clever skinwork of Robert Persson - who is also involved with the Swedish true metal outfit Dragonthrone. An infectious chorus completes the equation, making this perhaps the best song on the disc. The final track, "I Am The One", also stands out for its distinctiveness. The keyboard intro breaks away to an awesome riff to which you find yourself instinctively headbanging. The keys are most conspicuous on this track, but they do much to enhance the composition and do not detract at all. There are a couple of excellent guitar leads as well, rounding out this fine demo.

If this first glimpse of Lechery is any indication of what is yet to come on their debut full-length, they are certainly poised for success. Fans of melodic metal be sure to keep an eye out for these guys.

Track Listing
1 Why?
2 Open Your Eyes
3 The Cynical
4 I Am The One

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