Monday, July 28, 2003

Review: Superthrive - 2-Song Sampler (2003)

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2-Song Sampler

Really not even a demo, the two-song sampler disc I received from Superthrive mainwoman Sue Karlik is a prelude to the demo that the band is currently recording in studio. A significant amount of interest in this Jersey City band was sparked at both the local and national levels after the modest success of their debut album Seven Songs For Sinners and the follow-up live album Live At CBGB's, prompting well-known producer and guitarist Chris Goss (Kyuss, Masters Of Reality, Queens Of The Stone Age) to express his desire to work with the band on a future album.

In the meantime, Superthrive has been floating this 2-song teaser to tide us over until the final touches of their demo are complete. Comprised of "Stitches" and "Stratofortress", the disc heralds an ever-so-slight departure from the sound prevalent throughout their earlier albums. Where Seven Songs For Sinners and Live At CBGB's featured primarily fuzzy guitars, the songs offered here have a more garage rock sound akin to The White Stripes or The Used. Superthrive successfully incorporates these more "alternative" elements into their heavy core sound, however, due in no small part to Sue's flashy licks and confident leads. The rhythm section of Raku (drums) and Fernando Rosario, Jr. (bass) delivers a complex yet tight groove, and singer Matt is simply overpowering with his raw and emotive style.

The potential Superthrive has displayed thus far is exciting, to say the least. Their outstanding work ethic and industrious self-promotion has the band poised for a much-deserved breakthrough.

Track Listing
1 Stitches
2 Stratofortress

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