Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Review: Sons Of Poseidon - Live By The Sword (2001)

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Live By The Sword

Sons Of Poseidon  is a band that is a classic case of why not to judge a book by its cover. The album cover art (which is outstanding), the name of the album, and even the band name all scream Power Metal that drips with fantasy and mythological themes. Buying into that assumption would be a serious mistake, as these three guys from North Dakota dish out a seriously heavy chunk of ass-kicking thrash sure to get your fist pumping and your head banging. Their press kit doesn't go into much detail about the bands history, but they certainly have begun to establish themselves in the upper echelons of the underground. The bands music has been featured on several extreme sports shows, including ESPN's X-Games and MTV.

Live By The Sword leaps furiously from the speakers with the aggressive opening to "Expiration Date". Even at this early stage of the album, Carter Evenson's raw vocals and wild leads really define the sound of Sons Of Poseidon as a brilliant mixture of old school thrash and modern metal hostility. Comparisons to late-period Testament would not be inappropriate, but S.O.P. manage to keep a constant influx of modern metal vocal style and classic metal riffing and soloing to keep the album fresh and enjoyable. The second track on the album, "Success Through Violence", slows the pace down a bit with chugging riffs and simple yet memorable hooks. My favorite song on the disc, "Kill Shop", drives the tempo up yet again. Carter delivers some superb riffs that show classic AC/DC and Iron Maiden influences, and his solo sounds straight out metal's glory days.

Overall Live By The Sword is a very tight blend of modern and classic thrash elements, resulting in a memorable listening experience. While Carter's vocals and axework obviously stand out, bassist Hat and skinman Dave Johnson are noticeably masters of their craft, providing an unyielding foundation for Carter's unrestrained leads and roller-coaster solos. Sons Of Poseidon are poised to be America's answer to the multitude of Korn and Limp Bizkit clones polluting the radio waves.

Track Listing
1 Eexpiration Date
2 Success Through Violence
3 Kill Shop
4 Sacrifice
5 Mercy
6 Resist
7 1-Man
8 You Won't See Me
9 Suicide Ride
10 Pil Sung

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