Monday, May 12, 2003

Review: Byfist - Adrenalin (2000)

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Byfist  is certainly not new to the metal scene, having been formed in the suburbs of San Antonio back in 1987. The band cut two demos before fading away, but a decade later they returned to issue Adrenalin. Sounding straight out of the late 80's heyday of metal, the four songs on this demo encompass all the trademarks of bands such as Helstar, Judas Priest, and Angel Witch  - heavy riffing, blistering solos, and the frequent falsetto screeching of frontman Vikk Real. A lot of the credit goes to David Wayne (of Metal Church), who produced the demo. As an 80's metal icon, he knows the sound and it shows on this disc. The second track, "Meltdown", is powered by excellent buzzsaw guitars and frantic skin-pounding by Jess Vara and is the highlight here.

Taken as a whole, this four-tracker certainly sounds dated by today's metal standards, but to metal purists and fans of the period, Byfist is a band worth keeping an eye on. Since the recording of Adrenalin, singer Vikk Real and bassist Rey Gone left the band and were replaced by Rob Steele and former Reverand bassist Jay Wegener. Byfist appears to have plans to release a full-length some time in the future, but no specific dates have been announced.

Track Listing
1 Eternal Damnation
2 Meltdown
3 Left To Die
4 Mary Celeste

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