Monday, April 28, 2003

Review: Demental - Mental Ed (2002)

Mental Ed

Fans of the Swedish power metal band Isengard should take notice as Demental  is former vocalist Linus Melchiorsen's new band. For the debut album of his new project, Linus takes up residence behind the drum kit (as well as picking up the rhythm guitar) and turns over the microphone to Christer Göransson.

The first thing that struck me about Mental Ed was how a comparison to Linus' former bands would be virtually impossible. The musical direction here is pure 80's metal very heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Dio, and Iron Maiden. The leadoff track, "Scarred", together with "Ultra" are solid kick-ass metal done the way it should be - pure fist-pumping head-banging tunes made to be played at full volume. Following close on the heels of the leadoff track, "Mental Ed" sounds like it could be a long lost Sabbath tune, played so true to the style as it is. The rest of the album follows along in this vein, with the exception of "Hand Of Lucifer", which to me sounds way too much like "Kitty" by The Presidents of the U.S.A. to be likable. That minor slip aside, Mental Ed delivers in a solid way.

Christer was essentially a session vocalist so Linus has taken back the mic for live shows. The band is preparing to get to work on their follow-up album, which will feature Linus on vocals, so I am eagerly anticipating the new sound to come from Demental.

Track Listing
1 Scarred
2 Mental Ed
3 Green Witch
4 Ultra
5 Hand Of Lucifer
6 A Lot To Learn
7 Voice Of The Doomed
8 Mystery
9 Temper Tantrum

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