Friday, March 21, 2003

Review: Voodoo Lordz - Lifes Games (2002)

Voodoo Lordz
Lifes Games
Chemical Kids Records

Hailing from the western 'burbs of Detroit, Voodoo Lordz  are a hard-working trio who know what metal once was and are kicking ass to bring back the glory days. Their stripped-down brand of metal hearkens back to the days when bands such as Megadeth, Metallica, and Exodus reigned supreme, but they infuse plenty of modern metal groove that keeps the sound fresh and exciting. Lifes Games bundles buzzsaw riffs, gang choruses, snarling vocals, and lightning licks in an excellent package of metal that's worthy of any true metalhead's collection.

Trying to pick out a couple of tracks to discuss, "Jekyl's Hyde" stands out immediately in my mind as one of the better songs on the album. Starting off quite reminiscent of early Van Halen, the tune launches into wonderful chugging riffs and a great bass groove. Singer Chris Van Wert, who on most of the album sounds quite like Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, displays a different vocal style on the choruses - sounding very much like Detroit legend Iggy Pop in his early days with The Stooges. "Open" showcases all of the best elements of Voodoo Lordz. Van Wert is also the guitarist and his cutting riffs are excellent, accentuating his growling vocals perfectly. Mike Zaia delivers first-rate bass lines, and Pete Jacobs complex drumming is brilliant. The rest of Lifes Games is really just as strong (maybe except for the goofy "Pete's Ode"), resulting in a worthy bundle of metal. Go get this one and support indie metal!

Track Listing
1 Life's Games 4:53
2 Open 3:45
3 Disconnected 4:35
4 Til Sunrise 3:32
5 Rest In Pieces 4:02
6 Jekyl's Hyde 4:30
7 Fire In The Hole 3:37
8 Pete's Ode 1:15
9 Needful Things 3:40
10 Wild Eyed Gypsy 5:15
11 Road Rage 3:03

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