Sunday, March 23, 2003

Review: Anthenora - The General's Awakening (2002)

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The General's Awakening

Anthenora is a gritty band from Italy who've been dishing out live metal since 1989. Once an Iron Maiden cover band, they come at us now with their latest demo of 4 original tracks. Produced by White Skull guitarist Tony Fonto, The General's Awakening is a great glimpse at these talented musicians.

Of course, it's hard to gauge a band's staying power with only four average-length songs, but I heard nothing to indicate that Anthenora would not be able to deliver a full album of ass-kicking power metal. Luigi Bonansea has an excellent voice, but mainly stays with a raw mid-range delivery that's a perfect fit for the heavy riffing of guitarists Stefano Pomero and Gabriele Bruni. Add some fine solo work, solid bass lines from Steve Balocco, and first-rate skin pounding by Fabio Smaro and The General's Awakening becomes a solid display of true metal. All I can think after spinning this demo several times is, why aren't these guys signed?

Track Listing
1 Planet Jail
2 Dark Horizon
3 The Saviour
4 Gemini
Total Runtime

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