Friday, October 25, 2002

Review: Speedealer - Second Sight (2002)

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Second Sight
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What came to mind immediately after my first spin of Speedealer's latest release, Second Sight, is how wonderfully diverse the album is. With former Metallica  bassist Jason Newsted in the production seat, the band manages to pack Speed Metal, retro Thrash, Stoner Metal, and Hardcore into one tight mind-blowing package.

"Days Of Red" stands out as one of the speediest guitar attacks on the album. Vocalist Jeff Hirshberg sounds, at times, a bit like Al Jourgensen of Ministry. The choruses seem straight out of Garage Days-era Metallica, and Eric Schmidt throws in a few fiery licks for good measure. There are some Black Sabbath-like trudging interludes, but overall the tune forces some serious headbanging.

"As Ever" follows with an awesome groove and a fearsome punkish vocal delivery, while "Kill Myself Tonight" could be a long lost tune from The Stooges with Hirshberg emulating the legendary Iggy Pop quite well and Schmidt's fuzzy downtuned guitar sounding straight out of the era.

Sadly, Speedealer called it quits as a band this past December (2002).

Track Listing
1 Leave Me Alone
2 Second Sight
3 All The Things You'll Never Be
4 The Thin Air
5 Days Of Red
6 As Ever
7 Kill Myself Tonight
8 Blinded
9 Fractured
10 Slowly, Burning...Alive
11 Infintesimal
12 Machinations

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